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To ensure that a visit to our Rye Harbour Discovery Centre is enjoyable for all of our visitors, we've created these guidelines for dog owners

  • Well-behaved, clean dogs on short leads are permitted in most indoor areas, excluding the classroom and any area being used for an event
  • Assistance dogs are allowed in all areas
  • We supply fresh drinking water for dogs, located outside in the garden seating area
  • Should your dog foul anywhere in the Centre during your visit, it is the owner's responsibility to clean it up immediately. We can provide a poo bag in an emergency and we will provide a mop and bucket if required
  • We reserve the right to charge you for any damage caused by your dog whilst visiting the Rye Harbour Discovery Centre
  • Please remember that not all our visitors like dogs. Children and adults can be frightened in their presence. You may be asked by a member of our team to sit away from any visitor who is concerned by the presence of your dog
  • We reserve the right to ask anyone with a dog to leave the premises should we deem it necessary
  • Please do not leave unattended dogs in a car – this is very dangerous, dogs can die in hot cars

Dogs are welcome on the nature reserve, but please...

  • Keep them under close control so that they do not affect other people and our wildlife
  • Clean up after your dog using the bins provided
  • If you walk the footpaths near livestock in please keep all dogs on a lead
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On several parts of the nature reserve sheep or cattle or goats are used to manage the grassland. If you walk the footpaths with livestock in please keep all dogs on a lead. Thank-you.
Dogs on Nature Reserves

Dogs on Nature Reserves

Many of nature reserves offer lovely walks for yourself and your dog. What does it mean to own a dog and enjoy the countryside?

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