Pillboxes | Rye Harbour Nature Reserve
Pillbox on shingle


There are many World War Two pillboxes hidden in and around the nature reserve, but the two at the mouth of the river Rother are the most obvious.

In the map below the pillbox locations are shown as red dots.

Pillboxes map

They are named 'pillboxes' as a shortening of 'pillar boxes' - because of the slit window that it was thought looked like the letter slot on a post box. These pillboxes were designed to house Vickers machine guns, mounted on the concrete tables with their tripod legs in the depressions.

Pillboxes gun

Explore the inside of our pillbox with this 360 image.

Vickers machine gun in the Pillbox at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

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