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Friends of Rye Harbour

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The Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve was founded in 1973 to raise money in order to improve and enlarge the nature reserve and to do so by encouraging interest in the conservation of wildlife and scenic beauty within the area. 

The Friends now have more than 2000 members, who make a big difference to the reserve by providing funds, but many also volunteer - in the Discovery Centre, in multiple roles, as well as helping with practical habitat management. The Friends work in partnership with Sussex Wildlife Trust, other local organisations and landowners through a management committee.

The Friends contribute so much to the work of the nature reserve in a variety of ways, they:

  • make significant contributions to most of the nature reserve's wildlife projects
  • contributed to the purchase of Castle Water by the Sussex Wildlife Trust
  • volunteer in many roles
  • created the Wader Pool near the river
  • funded the vehicles
  • provide two offices and a workshop
  • part-fund the nature reserve staff
  • funded five bird watching hides (all now with wheelchair access)
  • are a major contributor to the Rye Harbour Discovery Centre

Registered charity no 269535

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Join the Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

You can join the Friends for as little as £10 per person and £15 for households. Join online on the Friends website.

Members receive three newsletters a year that give details of the wildlife and special events just for the Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, including guided walks and winter talks. But the real benefit in supporting the Friends is knowing that you are helping us deliver improvements at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve for wildlife and people.

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