Update on some recent education activities at Rye Harbour | Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

Update on some recent education activities at Rye Harbour

Tuesday, 26th April 2022

Update on some recent education activities at Rye Harbour
Nature Babies © Jill Ferguson

By Jill Ferguson

Our Communities & Wildlife team at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve offer a wide variety of activities for people of all ages. Find out what's coming up HERE
Here are examples of a couple of recent events that people have been enjoying:


Over Easter we ran an event for families on the ancient art of pewter casting. We used shells pressed into clay to make our moulds or carved our own designs into cuttlefish bones with a wooden skewer. Once our moulds were prepared we used an open fire to melt pewter in a casting ladle and then poured it into our moulds. Pewter is a metal that has a low enough melting point to melt over an ordinary fire. We used lead free pewter shot which is easy and safe to use. We watched carefully as the pewter magically turned from small beads to molten silver liquid and then quickly but steadily poured it into our moulds. The pewter took about ten minutes to cool and we had beautiful shiny trinkets to take home.

Nature Babies

Nature Babies at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve is up and running and babies have been enjoying lots of nature-based play and sensory experiences, while parents can meet and chat in the great outdoors. 

You can book blocks of four sessions of Nature Babies at a time on our website and we always welcome new members. At the end of each session you have the opportunity to stay and enjoy the facilities of the Rye Harbour Discovery Centre, including baby changing and a café that serves delicious cake, coffee and baby snacks!

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