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Insects in art

Friday, 24th May 2024

Insects in art
Louisa Crispin drawing at the reedbeds © Louisa Crispin

Nature has always featured in my life, but as a keen gardener, insects were largely incidental to the plants and I often considered them pests. This changed when I began drawing in 2009: a nest in the eaves brought Tree Bumblebees and I began to draw them from specimens found in the garden. Finding the 'Insect Watch' group run by Barry Yates was a catalyst - an introduction to the experts who could help guide me through the varieties as my experiences widened. I learned how to look and share my findings, adding to the wealth of historical information used in research.

Study of a Bumblebee © Louisa Crispin

My drawings fall somewhere between observational scientific illustrations and decorative pictures, depending on my mood. I have little interest in colour - it's the underlying accuracy of structures, patterns and form that entice me to a particular subject. Although I mostly draw from specimens, observing in the field is very important to my understanding. If I’m lucky, I may see one or two fleeting examples in my garden but at Rye Harbour, I often find several capitalising on the abundance of food, returning to the same plant time and again. The 500m of path near the Reedbed entrance can often absorb me for 2 hours or more. Beneath the Willows there are ground nesting bees under the pathway, Willow Emerald Damselfly hiding amongst the branches and a plethora of Crane fly and Hoverfly lurking amongst the Hemp-agrimony.

Small White butterfly
Study of a Small White butterfly © Louisa Crispin

“Look closer” is my mantra and I hope to encourage others to do the same.

Louisa is currently exhibiting her drawings at the Discovery Centre. You can view her website, and more of her work, here.

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