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Giving the Discovery Centre a spin

Monday, 16th August 2021

Giving the Discovery Centre a spin
Haiden Debley-Turner © Kt Bruce

Haiden Debley-Turner is 11 years old and lives in Rye Harbour village. Kt Bruce caught up with him and his mum Clair in the Discovery Centre at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, where he was kind enough to try it out in terms of accessibility. 

Tell us a bit about yourself

I have lived in Rye Harbour village for four years and just left Rye Primary. I start secondary school in September at St Leonards Academy.

Where are your favourite places to go?

London, to see my big brother, and to the beach, but that is more tricky because of the pebbles and large shelves they create at the harbour mouth. 

Are there places you’d like to go but can’t because they’re not accessible to you?

Camber would be nice to go to, but wheelchairs and sand don't mix. Although they have an access mat now, you can never get there because of the traffic.

Theme parks are pretty much impossible because you have to be able to walk off the ride in an emergency, which I can't do.

What are your thoughts on the Discovery Centre and Rye Harbour Nature Reserve and how accessible it is?

I like the Discovery Centre because it is easy to access. Lime Kiln Café is good because I could easily see what was on offer.

I like the bench along the windows with information about the reserve that you can read. My wheelchair was able to fit easily underneath.

The views across the nature reserve were great. I thought the exhibits were good and I could get close to read them all and I could manoeuvre around easily. I learned a lot about the local area.

The tables in the classroom were too high for me to use the microscopes, but we improvised with a basin, which was better.

Web Haiden enjoyed using the microscopes IMG 2083

© Kt Bruce

What’s your favourite subject at school?

I really like PE, as I get to choose which activity I want to do. Tennis is my favourite. The other children in the class play with me and they treat me like they don't see the wheelchair. To them I am just Haiden.

Are you interested in wildlife?

Yes I am as I like to discover new things and nature is always evolving.

What do you most enjoy doing outside school?

Playing with my friends Skye, Toby and Caitlyn who all live near me in Rye Harbour village. They include me in whatever they are doing. They know what I can't do and choose something we all can access.

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