January Update from Tim Castle, Heritage Trainee | Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

January Update from Tim Castle, Heritage Trainee

Friday, 11th February 2022

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January Update from Tim Castle, Heritage Trainee
Some of the litter from recent beach cleans

By Tim Castle

Heritage Trainee at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

It’s been a great start to the New Year at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. I have been working with both Land Management and Communities and Wildlife teams across the reserve.

This month we continue to work on the reedbeds - I have been working alongside Warden Dave King and the regular volunteers removing the Willow trees that have grown throughout the reedbeds. Wetlands are important for many reasons. They store and lock away carbon like big sponges, and this slowly removes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. They also support an amazing diversity of different species.

Whilst working on the Camber Castle side of the reserve, I have the opportunity to spot some of the wildlife we have here. This month I have seen Peregrines flying over Flat Beach, you can see a video of them here.

I have also been watching up to 1,300 Cormorants roosting, and observed some of the smaller members of the wildlife community too, such as a regular and inquisitive Stoat who comes to see what all the fuss is about when we are working at the reedbeds.

At one of the regular Rye Harbour Nature Reserve beach cleans, a large number of volunteers cleaned the long stretch of beach from Winchelsea to The Mary Stanford Lifeboat House. The amount and type of litter varies but as always includes some old favourites such as fishing line, shoes, clothing, plastic waste and the inevitable dog poo bags. We collected over seven bags full of different rubbish, which is then sorted into recyclable items and recorded. Hopefully we can recycle as much as possible and help protect our beaches and wildlife.

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